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Batgap Interview, 5 24 14; Ruffina from 22:26 mins

Batgap Video

Ruffina was part of a Panel Discussion on Refined Perception on -Buddha at the Gas Pump - on 24 May 2014, Fairfield, Iowa. Her talk begins at 22:26 minutes and continues through the questions and answers.

Ruffina explains how her third eye was opened around 1991, in a blaze of light, and the celestial world became visible to her. She describes how she was able to see past lives of people she looked at while she was "in the gold," and how it changed her life. She further reveals that she discovered she is able to transfer this capability to others.

Ruffina, since doing this interview, was encouraged to share her spiritual gift with others and she is now doing so on her Shaktipat Retreats. For more details of Shaktipat and Retreats, please follow the links. You can read of the experiences of those who have received her Shaktipat here also.



Radio Interviews

Interview with Lance White, Zany Mystic, on BBS Radio, 8 12 17

This is the second interview done by Ruffina with Lance White. It's 48 minutes long and Ruffina explains how she has shared Shaktipat with about 75 persons since she started doing so with the public in 2014. She speaks of the experiences her students have had and how it has changed her.


Full-length Internet Radio Interview, 6 11 2014

Radio Interview with Lance White and Larry Buzzell, Sovereign Media

Ruffina did a  Radio Interview with Lance White and Larry Buzzell of Sovereign Media, in Seattle, Washington in 2014. As this was a single interview, Ruffina had the opportunity to provide more details of her experience in having her world changed when her third eye opened in 1991. Click on the image to hear the interview.





















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