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Meditating is Simple, Easy and Natural

Transcendental Stress Management Meditation Program


For Improved Health

Learning Meditation is a must for your health. Celebrities do it, successful men and women from all walks of life do it, students, housewives, kids with ADHD...the list goes on!

Better Sleep, More Energy and Alertness

Everyone wants more out of life - more energy, more happiness, more creativity. They also need more rest! Rest is the basis of activity. However, with the fast pace of living, we simply don't have enough time to rest as long as we need to. This is where your TSM meditation comes in. You spend 20 minutes in the morning and evening in your meditation and your body re-energizes itself. You come out feeling fresh, alert and ready to get into your activities with a bang! 



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Even Kids Learn to Meditate!

Referred To Us By:

Your Doctor, for Sleep Disorders or High Blood Pressure?

You may have been thinking about meditation for stress relief for a long time. Maybe your doctor recommended that your learn to meditate to keep your blood pressure at a normal level, and to help you sleep better. Did he mention that it's also good for your heart? And did you know that kids with ADHD benefit greatly from TSM meditation as well?

Your School Counselor, for Anxiety, Stress or Inability to Concentrate?

Or maybe your school Counselor thought you could benefit from something that would make you feel calmer, more peaceful and less anxious, and help you to concentrate on your studies.

Your Boss, to Improve Relations with Co-Workers and Improve Productivity?

Or did your boss suggest that you need to be more on top of things and that you needed to increase your productivity at work and improve relations with your co-workers. 



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Your Significant Other Felt it Would Help with Family Harmony

Or perhaps your significant other felt the harmony between you two, or with the family, could be restored if you all meditated together.

All these are reasons that clients learn to meditate with us.

Wanting To Beat Those Addictions Naturally?

Many people come to us for help as well as they try to cope with their battle against addictions - non-prescribed drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. These drugs and poor habits are crutches that we use to cope with the stresses in our lives. TSM attacks the root cause of these problems. Like a plant, the one action of watering the roots makes the whole plant blossom and flourish; so too in our lives: the one addition of meditation to our routine takes care of everything else in our lives.



Grieving Over The Loss Of Someone Dear To You?

Others come for an easy method to relieve the stress of grief. Loss of someone dear to us causes considerable wear and tear on us physically and emotionally. Learning to meditate is the one beneficial thing that you can do to help you through a difficult time and transition into living without your dear one with you.


Or Are You:

Feeling That There's More To Life?

A few people come also because they feel there's an emptiness in their lives. They have everything and yet they are not satisfied; they do not have inner contentment. Happiness does not come from external things, it comes from within. 

Desiring To Awaken and Radiate Your Inner Light?

Bliss is a totally new experience bordering on what we call the "spiritual" realm. Inner man is blissful in nature. Awaken your inner divine nature with your meditation. Radiate the light within to benefit those around you and help take our world to the next level of heavenly life on earth. Do your part by being a lighthouse of bliss and light! Read about our Shaktipat Retreats as well.



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Radiate Your Inner Light

Build up your inner strength every day with your meditation. Kindle that light inside of yourself that will physically and emotionally rejuvenate you and open a spiritual path that is the birthright of every man. 


There are classes for adults and for children. We teach children from the age of five, but at least one parent must be meditating. Classes for children are specially tailored for their age and they may not require the number of lessons an adult requires.

Classes consist of the following:

  • Free introductory lecture on the benefits of the program; presenting scientific research, clarifying any doubts you might have. 90 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Free preparatory lecture on details of how the technique works and the tradition from which it comes. 1 hour.

  • Personal instruction in the TSM program. 1 hour per person, by private appointment.

  • Checking Classes: first, second and third days' checking, following personal instruction - 90 minutes to 2 hours.

  • 10-Day follow-up class. 1 hour to 90 minutes.
  • Follow-up checking classes  once per week for the first month and as required after that. 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Course fees:  $650.00

Attend a Shaktipat Retreat for $50.00 when you take the TSM Basic Course with Ruffina!



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Meditation Advanced Techniques

Special techniques are available for students who are meditating regularly for at least two months.



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Pranayama - Easy Alternate Breathing


Pranayama, Adjunct to TSM Meditation

The Pranayama or easy alternating breathing exercise  is done before meditation and allows the nervous system to settle down to deep meditation. Taught free of charge when you take the TSM course or the Shaktipat Retreat.

Courses for Probation and Parole Officers

The Transcendental Stress Management course has been taught to over fifty-five federal probation and parole officers, and to many as well at the State level. We continue to offer certified training courses to all probation and parole officers and to staff at correctional departments.


Courses for Juvenile Offenders and Family

Juvenile offenders sent by the courts participate in the Transcendental Stress Management program to cope with stress at the source. We offer a structured routine to help get juveniles back on track with their lives. Read some of the success stories of adult offenders who have taken the TSM course, here.















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