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TSM Meditation Experiences as Reported by Clients

Relief From Chronic Anxiety In 12-Year Old Girl

"Thank you for teaching my daughters and me to meditate.  It has made such a difference in our household.

As you know, I had been wanting to learn to meditate for several years but never got round to it.  Late last year, my daughter, *Rosalie, started experiencing frequent anxiety.  Her "cause" of anxiety shifted from one area to another.  It was as though she was becoming habituated to be anxious about something.  If we relieved one fear she would quickly find another.  Nearly every night I would spend an inordinate amount of time calming her so that she could sleep and then in the morning calm her to face the school day.  She was twelve at the time.

We learned that from an early age she had a tendency to become anxious.  From birth, she could shift from relative calm to a state of high excitement within seconds.  In fourth grade, her tendency became debilitating and interfered with her success.  During stressful situations such as test-taking, piano recitals, and sailing regattas, she became so wound up that she could barely function.  It was awful for all concerned as she was so competent.

As she became older, the situation deteriorated and life became miserable.  School was particularly difficult and despite her Herculean efforts, she was not excelling.  Over the years, we sought professional help, to no avail.  I did a lot of research and learnt that TSM would likely relieve her anxiety.

...When we did learn TSM, we were going through a particularly rough period and I was very concerned that Rosalie would come to believe that she was an anxious person.  I wanted to prevent that belief from taking hold....

I was hopeful that over time meditation would help but I was not sure how.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it is to learn, especially for children.  My younger daughter, was nine at the time, took to it like falling off a log!  My greatest surprise was Rosalie's response.  I still remember her face on Friday evening after her first private lesson when she whispered that she could feel the fear lifting from her chest.  By the next day I could see a difference in her demeanor.

Rosalie was so much calmer after the weekend of learning but over the last few months I have seen changes that I could never imagine.  School has become so easy for her.  In fact, life has become easy.  Since nursery school she has felt that she needed to work hard but now the learning comes effortlessly.

Rosalie notices when she misses her meditation life becomes harder, she becomes more irritable and emotional, the world is not such a friendly place.  When she is not consistent with her meditation her fears and anxieties return.  Regardless of how tired or rushed she is, Rosalie now chooses to meditate because life is so much more pleasant and easy after meditation.

TSM works on so many levels - physically, psychologically and spiritually.  It is so effortless.  It allows a child to take control and to take responsibility.  There is no side effect, only side benefits.  It is a tool that my girls have for life.  The can travel to the Quiet any time they choose. ..."

A. N., New York



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Moderating Moods Associated With Bipolarism

"...I am Bi-polar Two and have suffered for years from mood swings, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and hyperactivity.  While I cannot yet say that Transcendental Stress Management program has changed my life, I can say that it is most helpful in moderating the fluctuation of my moods.  Because it is so deeply refreshing and relaxing, it offers particular benefit in alleviating the exhaustion that comes from periods of hyperactivity.

I believe it to be a wonderful tool in helping one cope with life, particularly when one is Bipolar.  I also believe that as my ability to meditate improves, I will gain even greater benefits from it."  Carol B.,  Missouri




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Recovery From Alcohol Abuse

This client was sent by the courts in St Louis:

"...When I was informed that I had to attend meditation classes, I was somewhat skeptical.  I thought, ďHow on earth attending a meditation class will benefit my future?Ē  Iíve been in this program for six weeks and I am convinced that the TSM program is beneficial.  Iím now able to remain in a positive state of mind, my way of thinking is clearer, my decision-making is more conservative, and Iím now productive within what I say and do with my wife and children.

The TSM program has made me sober Ė please understand that.  I enjoy being sober now.  I donít want to drink anymore.  Before Iíd be drunk as a skunk.  Iíd drink from the time I got up till the time I went to bed.  I was a mess.  I wrote bad checks.  I was a hustler.  Now with TSM I get up every morning and go to work and in the evenings I go to my family.  I work as a houseman in downtown Marriott Hotel.  If I were to have a problem at my work I know that with TSM I can handle it in a positive way.  I am able to handle every situation in a very positive way.  Without TM the same situation would have been handled by me very negatively.  I would have exploded. 

My life with my wife and children has always been good.  But I can say that with TSM it has definitely become better. My wife, my kids, everyone notices my positive attitude.  If I tell my family Iíve gotta go to TSM classes they respect me for it.  They respect it because they see what TSM has done for me. They notice I donít get angry about anything anymore.

This is the first Fatherís Day in 21 years that I am sober.  Iíd be so drunk I would not know what to do.  The TSM program is the only stipulation (of my probation).  I have not been ordered to participate in the AA program or anything else.  You have only to look at some  of my photographs to see how drunken I look in them.  I used to have a beard.  Now I am clean-shaven. 

I have a great urge of exploring outdoor as well as indoor activities with my family.  We are able to commune in a normal family manner.  My wife and I have a busy schedule daily.  The older children work summer jobs and the younger ones attend summer school.  The TSM program has brought a lot of sunshine to my life.  There is a total improvement.  My whole world has become different now that I am sober.  I have abstained from the use of drugs as well as alcoholic beverages.  I have so much to be thankful for.  My lovely wife and children have been an inspiration to me and have given me a lot of encouragement.

To those who are about to start the program I would say that this is definitely a beneficial program.  Donít knock it till you try it.  Once youíve tried it you are gonna come back for more.  Itís gonna be one of the best positive changes youíll make in your life.  This keeps you at ease, helps you in a positive manner.  The TSM program is positive." 

Gregory J., St Louis


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Relief From Hypertension

"I began this program because it was part of my sonís sentencing.  Kerry suffers from seizures due to an accident some years back.  He is unable to drive.  I am his means of transport.  Since I had to drive him to and from the classes, and we live quite a distance, I decided to enroll.

I really did not have any expectations for myself but was quite pleasantly surprised to learn that my blood pressure has gone from 156/90 to 132/86.  Quite a drop!  Since I have not changed anything else in my life, I attribute this to practicing the TSM exercise twice daily.

Iíve also noticed some changes in my son.  He suffered extensive brain damage from his injury, and, as a result, has very poor short-term memory.  Kerry seems more focused, patient, and willing to improve his life, hence his decision to return to school in the spring.  I feel that we are both deriving many benefits with TSM and are enjoying it much more than we thought we would.

We are with a very nice group of young men and all seem to be having a positive experience.  I feel that TSM is definitely a step in the right direction."

Rosemarie G., St Louis


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Wide Variety Of Benefits

Read more essays from satisfied clients who have experienced the following benefits:

  • Recovery from hard drug abuse

  • Normalization of high blood pressure

  • Relief from insomnia

  • Relief from anxiety

  • Normalization of relationships at home and at work

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Clarity of mind

  • Calming of aggressive nature

  • And many more!


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For Offenders

The courts in St Louis, Missouri, routinely sentenced offenders to practice the Transcendental Stress Management program as a condition of their probation. You can read what four Judges had to say about the success of this program, the observations made by Probation and Parole Officers on how it helped their clients and themselves, and what Senator Rita Heard Days of the Missouri Senate, said about the program.


*Names disguised to maintain privacy of individuals concerned.



















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