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Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A.
Shares her spiritual gift through Shaktipat




Click for Videotape and full-length Radio Interview with Ruffina Discussing Celestial Perception/Shaktipat.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shaktipat?

Shaktipat is the transference of spiritual energy, from one person to another. In Ruffina's case, it is through sight.

Ruffina's Shaktipat awakens the person's third eye enabling the one looking at her to have refined perception of objects and people down to the finest relative or light level, with eyes open.

How does this happen?

Normally, we experience life on the surface level, as in the above diagram, the Field of Action. When we learn the Transcendental Stress Management meditation technique, we begin to experience finer levels of the mind until we come to the field beyond thoughts, the Source of Thought. This process is called transcending. It is done with eyes closed.

The first expression of creation is the field of light. It is directly above the Source of Thought. It is the finest Relative level we can experience. Ruffina is able to enliven this level very powerfully with her eyes open, and transmit the experience to others.

The experience of Shaktipat takes place at the borderline of the Source of Thought above. This field is a field of Sat Chit and Ananda: pure truth, individual awareness and bliss. Being a field of absolute truth, when we bring our awareness to it, we perceive knowledge we did not have before e.g. past incarnations. Being a field of bliss, it is completely satisfying and self-sufficient, needing nothing more to feel totally fulfilled. Containing Chit, we experience the unbounded field, the Source of Thought even while maintaining our individuality. It is a powerful experience.



Drawing by Anahita Anklesaria

How is opening of my third eye helpful to me?

Man has many natural capabilities. Being able to perceive the world around us in its celestial beauty is what develops with an open third eye. We are also able to see other layers of knowledge contained in the object or person at whom we are looking, knowledge that we do not usually gain without the third eye being awakened. When this chakra or energy center is opened, and one is having celestial perception, with experience, one can feel the other energy centers in the body opening as well. In addition, one experiences pure bliss within and the deepest silence possible in the relative world. It is a very enriching experience, like transcending with eyes open.

As the energy centers in the body open over time, we grow to higher states of consciousness. Love in our heart flows spontaneously for all of God's creation. We can actually perceive the divine in all beings and in His creation. It enhances growth to God Consciousness.



Are there side effects to this?

Using one's innate faculties has no ill effects. People have reported feeling tremendous energy going through them, being able to see celestial light around people and in the room, seeing a morphing of the person's face in front of them, revealing what appears to be past lives. Someone who is naturally inhibited about such information or experiences should not apply for Shaktipat.

Can anyone receive Shaktipat?

Almost everyone Ruffina has had the intention of giving Shaktipat to, has successfully received it. However, Ruffina cannot promise or give any guarantees that the person will actually receive it. Ruffina, at this time, is only giving Shaktipat to persons practicing her Transcendental Stress Management meditation technique and to meditators using Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation®.



Google Image

Shaktipat - Spreading Light, One to the Other


Can Shaktipat be given by Skype?

Ruffina has never tried giving Shaktipat by Skype. She gives Shaktipat directly from her eyes. She has received requests from around the world but has not conceded to any.


Can Shaktipat be given in a group?

Yes. While Ruffina is giving shaktipat to one person, others in the group also report similar changes, even when Ruffina is not looking directly at them.


Drawing by Anahita Anklesaria



How is Shaktipat given and what can you expect?

Ruffina will sit across from you and look directly into your eyes. You will gaze steadily into her eyes, expecting nothing in particular but open to the experience. Those who are afraid or in any way inhibited or resisting the experience, will not have as clear an outcome and should not request Shaktipat. Most people begin to have an experience in the first few minutes. Ruffina will project her consciousness to you through her sight. You may see light emanating from her, bouncing off her body, the chair, the walls; you may see everything transform and look as if it were made of pure light only. You may see Ruffina's face morph into past lives or you may not. Subjective experiences differ. The experience is transforming, deeply silent and blissful, depending on who is experiencing it. Once the transfer is done once, the person receiving the Shaktipat usually retains the ability to do the same with someone else or to perceive subtle levels in persons and the environment by themselves.


Can Shaktipat be passed on to others by those receiving it?

Yes; it seems so.  Three people who received Shaktipat from Ruffina have shared the same capability with others using the same method. Ruffina recommends that those persons who receive Shaktipat should continue to enliven that fine level every day until it is permanent. It is Ruffina's desire that everyone should have this natural capability enlivened and she is encouraging those who received Shaktipat to try to give it to someone else! This will increase everyone's capabilities exponentially! It is also a very blissful, silent state that we enliven in the environment. We bring out the silence and dynamism of the unbounded into activity.

Is there any guarantee that everyone will receive Shaktipat whom Ruffina attempts to transfer to?

Ruffina has been very successful in transferring spiritual energy through Shaktipat, once it is her intention to do so, even when it is not full moon. However, she cannot guarantee any of the results she herself has had or has given to others through Shaktipat. If your nervous system is ready for the experience it will happen. It is effortless and you will know fairly quickly if it will happen for you.



How did Ruffina develop Shaktipat?

Over 20 years ago someone transferred the same capability to her in the way in which she is transferring it to others. She has also assiduously applied herself to her spiritual practices all her life, including the development of her Shaktipat over the years by "going into gold" frequently.


Why is Shaktipat given at full moon?

Shaktipat is best received for the first time at full moon as the celestial value in the atmosphere is naturally very high and easily perceived at that time, from Ruffina's experience and the experience of others with similarly developed capabilities of finer perception.

For this purpose, you may use the full moon calendar below to plan your first experience of Shaktipat.


Full Moon Calendar

Use this to plan your Retreat or TSM Meditation Instruction if you desire Shaktipat. Click here for the full moon calendars for 2015 and 2016.



Click for Full Moon Calendar 2016


A note from Ruffina:

People have different experiences when they get Shaktipat, but there are some similarities. Long ago when I first got the ability, I transferred it to my brother and my sister-in-law, who still retain the capability, 24 years later, to see very subtle levels. The same I did for my beloved husband, Farrokh and my daughter Anahita, with similar effect.

In the past year I have given shaktipat to about 50 persons.  All  observed: light around my head body and in the room, to varying degrees. Some clearly saw past incarnations through the morphing of my face into other persons. One person was able to duplicate the experience with her mother the next day, and another with his assistant. One person who had an already highly developed spiritual consciousness, had a full, deep experience with me, so much so that both of us stayed "in the gold" for hours and neither wanted to come out as it was so blissful, silent and fulfilling. (See J.B. below.) The latter experience was repeated the following day for as soon as we saw each other we went "into gold" spontaneously. People with whom I have shared the experience seem to be able to go into it almost immediately when I look at them afterwards.

For some "shaktipatees" (those who receive shaktipat from me), this is an overwhelming and life-changing experience as they cannot understand how they are able to see the changes in the atmosphere.

The world is supremely beautiful, celestial, made of heavenly light. I will help you to see creation in its full glory so that your heart will be opened as well. When your heart is open, you will grow in love. As you develop your consciousness and your heart expands, you will be united with those around you through love. As love unites you, the barriers to the full expansion of your consciousness will disappear. Then you will truly know God.

How Ruffina Gives Shaktipat

Those on the retreat sit in the meditation room, close to each other. At any moment while lecturing, Ruffina announces "we'll do shaktipat now," when the golden light is very apparent to her. Everyone is asked to stay completely still from then on, and to look at Ruffina with unwavering gaze and without fidgeting. Ruffina sits down and gazes fixedly at one person. The light radiates from her and becomes visible to the person she is looking at and also to those at whom she is not directly looking. After a few minutes, Ruffina slightly shifts to look at the next person, and so on. Ruffina becomes completely immobilized during this time, with light pouring out of her. She says she is experiencing the sweetest bliss possible. Everyone reports the experience is pleasant and deeply silent. Ruffina remains perfectly still for a few minutes after giving shaktipat. Shaktipat Evaluation Forms are distributed in silence and following are experiences taken from these or from the Retreat Evaluation Forms. Shaktipatees report their refined perception ends when Ruffina comes out of the session.



Read about the experiences reported on retreats here.


Typically, retreats are held over three evenings; the day before full moon, full moon day and the day after. There is also a six-day Integrated Meditation Instruction and Shaktipat Retreat and a four-day Compact course for those who do not practice Ruffina's TSM meditation or Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation program. See the Retreats page for more details.
























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