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Transcendental Stress Management Program
For Health and Well-Being


Wellness Means Wholeness - the sum of our mind, body, emotions and spirit, when all are functioning at their best. It results in our enjoying life to the fullest. We are affected at every moment by our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, and those of people around us. Learn to do those things that keep you well physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. This will begin a new chapter in your life.


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What Our Wellness Corporate Training Lecture Covers

We cover a wide range of activities that will enrich you as a person. We recommend the Transcendental Stress Management program to take care of stress-related problems in your life. Then we look into several key areas of your life and give pointers to enrich each area and steps to ensure a life that is purposeful and fulfilling.

These include a guide for Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Wellness and a projection of "the happiness factor" as the new measure for countries as they gauge development, and for employers as they make decisions to retain staff or hire new employees.



From Our Wellness Presentation



Multi-media Presentation
We keep clients interested in our lectures using:

  • Power Point slides
  • Embedded video clips
  • Flyers with summaries
  • Interactive tools during the lecture for audience participation
  • Fun raffle/drawings
  • Personal stories by your trainer that make lectures real.


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Clients, 2014

From Federal Probation Officers' Training, Kentucky


From Federal Probation Officers, Tennessee


Plaque Received from Federal Probation Department,
Eastern Missouri

Training was also provided for:

  • Over 50 Officers of the Clerk of the Courts, St Louis, Missouri.

  • Family Resource Center, St Louis, MO.
















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